Align #1 : Sagmeister, Hepworth, Beach Rubbish and Print Design for Football Programmes

By Molly Waring-Moore on 17th May

In this issue: a design collection inspired by beach rubbish, the latest Barbara Hepworth exhibition at the Wakefield Gallery, the designer tackling the problems inherent in football programme production, stylish bags and more...  

Happy Film Ben Wolf Flower

Can you redesign your own personality? - The Happy Film screening and Q&A

Legendary designer, Stefan Sagmeister, explores whether he can redesign his personality to become a better person. In a series of controlled experiments on himself involving meditation, therapy, and drugs, he documents his pursuit. Supported by Made North and Sheffield Design Week, it premieres in Sheffield on the 10th June. 

Get your tickets for The Happy Film premiere.

"Non-league football is our punk rock." - Alex Brown’s Eastbourne Town FC Design Work

"It is a completely different world from that of Premier League football, therefore I don’t want the aesthetic of our club to mimic the design and art direction of top tier football.” Turning around 40pp programmes in 2-13 days, Alex Brown designed some of the most stylish football club merchandise. 

Read more about Alex Brown's work.

Alexbrown Pigeon
Left: Alex Brown's Eastbourne Town FC Design Work | Right: Shipwreck Collection by Pigeon

A Design Collection Inspired By Beach Rubbish

Our client, pebble magazine, recently featured the Scottish design studio, Tom Pigeon. They produce jewellery, prints and stationery and are now to showcase their Shipwreck collection at London Craft Week in May. 

Read more about the Tom Pigeon collection.

Can you be practical and stylish? - The Dream Summer Commuter Bag

This convertible canvas backpack from Madewell is practical and actually looks good. Pull up the straps into a shoulder bag ready for lunch or pull them back through for the bike ride home. What’s even better is the ability to have your pet’s name embroidered on. 
The dream summer commuter bag.

Bag Exhibition
Left: The Dream Summer Commuter Bag | Right: Disobedient Bodies Exhibition

Disobedient Bodies Exhibition At The Hepworth Wakefield Gallery

A great exhibition that’s outside of London. Sculptures, notable fashion pieces and objects of craft and design that explore the human form. The Hepworth Wakefield have just announced that they’re a finalist for the Art Fund Museum of the Year 2017. 

More information on the Disobedient Bodies exhibition.

Year In Refuse

“Ideas too weird, unsettling or abstract to be published.” - Year In Refuse Newspaper

21 of Alex Westgate’s rejected illustration concepts in newsprint. Alex doesn’t just reveal rejected concepts, he finally executes them in print.

Check out the Year In Refuse Newspaper.

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