Align #3 Mind-bending Op Art, The Joy of Stats and Peter Saville

By Molly Waring-Moore on 4th Aug

In this issue: mind-bending Op Art, analysing the world's emotions, a culture shaped by Joy Division and more...

Lakeside Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope: Colour and Sequence in 1960s British Art exhibition at Nottingham Lakeside Arts

The first Arts Council Collection survey of 1960s British art in over 20 years, Kaleidoscope, "encompasses the mind-bending surfaces of Op Art, the flattened repetition of Pop, the mathematical order of Constructivism, and the sequential placement of brightly-coloured abstract units found in New Generation sculpture." Over 20 artists have been featured, including Tess Jaray, Phillip King, Kim Lim, Mary Martin, Eduardo Paolozzi and Bridget Riley. 

The exhibition runs until the 24th September. 

More about the exhibition at Nottingham Lakeside Arts

Joy Of Stats
Joy of Stats, BBC4

'The Joy of Stats' with Professor Hans Rosling - BBC Four 

"Without statistics we are cast adrift on an ocean of confusion." This BBC4 documentary with Professor Hans Rosling looks into statistics, their history and the way they shape the world. 

Jos Ss

If you thought stats were boring, think again. Rosling's wit and humour is captivating. Watch as he entertainingly explains the progression of wealth and life expectancy from 1810 - 2009. He also discusses the tracking of emotions and how we are beginning to analyse the world's emotions with this data. A must see from us. 

Watch the BBC4 documentary 

Petersaville Fauxsaics
Image left: It's Nice That - Peter Saville | Image right: Nick Misani - Fauxsaics

“It’s pop culture that has educated this country”: Peter Saville on Manchester’s True Faith exhibition

In this feature on It's Nice That, Lucy Bourton reviews Manchester's True Faith Exhibition with words from Peter Saville. "True Faith explores the ongoing significance and legacy of New Order and Joy Division through the wealth of visual art their music has inspired. Including "Peter Saville’s seminal cover designs." Rather than creating a feeling of nostalgia, True Faith shows the impact on today's culture from the works of Mark Leckey and Kevin Cummins, to Barbara Kruger and Raf Simons.

You can visit the True Faith exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery until the 3rd September. 

Original article on It's Nice That

Fauxsaics by Nick Misani 

Designer Nick Misani has created a series of typographic illustrations that imitate intricate floor mosaics. The majority of the work is dedicated to cities, which are influenced by that city's characteristics. The colours, patterns and alternating textures bring a dreamy, nostalgic joy. 

Scroll through Nick Misani's Fauxsaics

Sagmeister On Beauty
Image: Creative Review

Sagmeister argues that the formal can also be functional

In this interview posted on Creative Review, the legendary designer, Stefan Sagmeister (who we featured in Align #1, where he questions whether he can redesign his personality) discusses beauty and its place in design. We often think that form can inhibit function but Sagmeister suggests the opposite. Using airline safety exit cards as an example, beauty enhances function as nobody bothered to look at the cards before they'd been reformed from their flat-pack-instruction style design. "To come up with something that is aesthetically pleasing in a 21st century way is incredibly difficult," Sagmeister says in response to the notion that designers often think themselves as just problem solvers, too good to make something look beautiful. It's a refreshing perspective that seems to give credit back to those who create beautiful work ... that works.

Original article on Creative Review

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