Align #4 Scratch n Sniff, Joan Cornellà, The Art of Beer and The Photographer's Gallery

By Molly Waring-Moore on 5th Sep

In this issue: a walk in the woods with Noma Bar, laughing at misery with Joan Cornellà, 420 beers and more.

Art Of Beer Resized

420 days of beer - The Art of Beer Instagram

Nottingham based 'visual beer diary,' The Art of Beer has reviewed and illustrated over 400 beers to date. The Instagram feed is a wonder for beer and design fans alike. Each beer is given a rating out of ten and a short review. 

Nottingham Brewery Extra Pale Ale? '7/10, A well balanced smooth ale.' 

If you need a little beer inspiration, check out The Art of Beer Instagram feed.

Noma Bar Miaz Bros
Left: Noma Bar - It's Nice That | Right: Miaz Brothers

“Always more!” – a walk in the woods with Noma Bar from It's Nice That

Noma Bar discusses using the woods as his office, becoming an artist and the controversy in his work in a walk through the woods with Owen Pritchard for It's Nice That. "Highgate Woods, all 28 hectares of it, is Noma Bar’s ‘office’. Everyday, come rain or shine, the graphic artist is there." Rather than drawing the plants and trees, Noma draws on the energy and the contrast to the city. All of his ideas begin in the woods, tucked away from a footpath. He likens his work routine to something of a standup or comedy, receiving copy at 12pm, a brief changing at 4pm and then a deadline of 7pm. "Tomorrow, millions of people will see my image. You just throw yourself onto the stage each day. I enjoy the pressure." 

Read the original article on It's Nice That.

This isn't a photograph: The out of focus paintings from the Miaz brothers

At first glance, the cover of The New York Times magazine looks like an out of focus photograph. The Miaz brothers are an Italian sibling duo that use spray paint on canvas to create these incredible illusions. The subtlety of their work challenges your perceptions and fooled a lot of the New York Times Magazine readers. The majority of their work resembles traditional portraiture but the ghostly nature of it led the series to be called 'Antimatter.'

Check out more of their work on their website.

Cathedral Of The Pines

Gregory Crewdson: Cathedral of the Pines exhibition at The Photographer's Gallery

The Photographer's Gallery, a few strides from Carnaby Street in Soho, is one of our favourite places to swing by on any visit to London. Previous favourite exhibitions of ours have included the incredible work of Saul Leiter and a retrospective of 'Early Russian Colour Photography', which was a mundane title for a show that packed the walls with wonderful images of a culture and time that many in the west have elaborate misconceptions around. 

'Cathedral of the Pines' was no less of a brilliant surprise as other previous visits. Crewdson's work, covering three floors of the gallery, features the ghost-like inhabitants of the town of Beckett, Massachusetts in carefully staged photos, in both indoor and outdoor locations. There's sense of love-lost between people within the photograph, and sometimes between solitary subjects and their surroundings, which have a wistful, if unsettling charm. What really delights though is the soft light and small details - some of these images look like impossibly realistic renderings. We had most fun trying to work out what about any scene was coincidental or natural, and what had been carefully contrived by Crewdson and the large crew with whom he works.

"Cathedral of the Pines" closes on Friday 8th October at The Photographers Gallery

Screen Shot 2017 08 29 At 16 26 56

Joan Cornellà: A London Solo Exhibition

The dark-humoured cartoonist, Joan Cornellà will showcasing his work in a solo exhibition in Hoxton Arches, London. He satirises the sinister and often bleak side of humanity, following his belief that we all laugh at misery. “We must start from the idea that when we laugh, we laugh at someone or something. With empathy or not, there is always some degree of cruelty. In spite of that, I am aware that if one of my cartoons happened in real life I would not laugh at all.” 

Some of the best laughs to be had actually come from fan's attempts to rationalise or find hidden meanings in Joan's work. Every strip posted to his facebook page is quickly subject to a slew of theories, to which Joan has never responded to confirm their accuracy. We suspect that most are way off the mark, and it's more likely there is no deeper hidden meaning at all..."it's just a man in a chicken suit holding up a bank".


Sense Familiar: A magazine that lets you smell the people it features

Scratch and sniff is definitely not a new 'technology', however, its use by Sense Familiar is weird and intriguing. Scent has such a strong tie to memory and can influence our emotions in an instant, but it is often forgotten about in the creative industries. Sense Familiar's idea was to allow the reader to smell the person that they're reading about - creating a much more intimate portrait of them. This was done by creating a scratch and sniff sticker which holds a scent created specifically for the featured person. Isabel Bonner is the mastermind behind the magazine, who wanted to create to push the way we consume fashion further. She collaborated with Alec McLeish for photography, Joshua Checkley for the sticker designs and florist and candle maker Timothy Dunn for the scents themselves. 

The project took an unexpected turn when readers started requesting to buy the scents and so Isabel intends to produce and sell these fragrances. Soon, you too could smell like Assa Ariyoshi, Pete Sharp, Charlie Boxer, Logan Hill, Eve Miller and Niko Riam, the six creatives featured in the issue.

Read more about the project on Its Nice That. 

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