Is Facebook leaving your business out in the cold?

By Molly Waring-Moore on 9th Jul

Facebook has openly said they’re decreasing the organic reach of business pages so that its users see more content from family and friends. Of course, this is a great way to get businesses to spend more on ads to increase their reach.

Makermet have seen these changes happen first hand in our digital marketing services but have helped our clients to overcome these challenges by adapting and developing new strategies. We've worked on creating more engaging content for brands so that they can post less but get more out of it; developed ad strategies to get more out of marketing budgets and managed Facebook pages to increase engagement and conversions over time. All of which has given us some great insights we can share with you to increase your success with Facebook too.

Seen these changes on Instagram too? Don't worry, we've put together a guide to help you beat the Instagram algorithm.

Facebook Success Engagement V2

1. Keep people in Facebook's garden

You'll see a decrease in reach if your posts attempt to draw traffic away from Facebook. Zuckerberg et al think it's great that your fans see your content, but they also want them to see their other paid adverts!

Use Facebook as a tool to build an audience, not drive traffic

Aim to post content that your audience will love and engage with, without leaving the confines of the walled garden of Facebook. Rather than linking to products or articles, consider content that you can post that doesn't always link away.

When people engage with your content, their interactions appear to their networks. Someone is more likely to take notice of your brand if they've seen their friends interacting it and so you'll gradually build a highly engaged audience. This audience will be much more likely to convert on the occasions you put a call-to-action in front of them as they'll already be warm leads.

2. Video is king

Video is the most engaged with content on the platform and Facebook are currently developing the way video is used on site by introducing exclusive video platforms within the site, as well as the ever developing 'watch tab.'

This is a great indication that Facebook will be pushing this content, which you can take advantage of. Find as many opportunities as you can to use video - especially Facebook live.

Consider turning successful articles into a short summary video using photos and title screens. Get in touch to find out more about our content creation services.

3. Post less

Testing has shown that when businesses reduce their number of posts to just 1-2 a day, their organic reach increases. Buffer were amongst the few to test this out and after decreasing daily posts from 4-5 to 1-2 they saw their reach triple and engagement double.

Use your audience insights on your Facebook page to find out the best time of day to post and be consistent. When more people engage with your posts, you'll see an increase in reach, but this needs to be consistent.

You can also change the targeting of each post using the 'preferred audience' button on the status box to make sure only the most relevant segments of your audience sees it. You'll increase the engagement rate which will again tell Facebook that the content is worthy of being seen by more people.

Facebook Success Groups

4. Maintain your page...engage your group

Facebook groups are a great way to engage with your audience. A Facebook page is a public profile that anyone can find, where as groups are closed or open communities that people have to join. Groups allow people to contribute as much as the brand does and can create strong communities if nurtured.

Find your niche and build in it!
Join groups that are relevant to your niche. Don’t just post a link or product and leave, engage with others’ content and join conversations with both consumers and brands. Don't shy away from engaging with brand content, it's an opportunity to network with an audience they've engaged for you and might even lead to brand partnerships. You want people to recognise you every time you post so make sure you're engaging regularly and be

Build your own community
If it’s relevant to your brand, you can create a group that brings like minded people together. It’s important that this provides value to the members and isn’t just used as a direct sales tool.

The pebble pod
A successful example of this is pebble magazine's Facebook group. The founder, Georgina Wilson-Powell, set up the group as a way of building a stronger connection with pebble's audience and to grow the community around it. The one thing that brings everyone in the audience together is a desire to live more ethically, and so the group provides a relaxed and conversational way for people to share tips, questions and to network with like-minded people.

Georgina is active in leading the group and posts regular conversation prompts, discounts, competitions and articles. She ensures that everyone is having a great experience and also has the opportunity to learn a lot more about the pebble audience - which is an invaluable insight.

The members of the group have joined because of their desire to join a community of like-minded people and are actively participating so they have a much greater investment than someone who just 'likes' a Facebook page. They'll associate this feeling of community with pebble magazine, which will build the brand loyalty.

In order to promote the group, Makermet produced animations and social graphics that could be shared across all of pebble's platforms. With a combination of organic and paid marketing, the pebble pod has now grown to over 1,300 members and counting.

Facebook Post Ajoto Posts

5. Copy your competitors

In your page insights, you have the ability to follow other pages and compare their weekly engagement. Follow a sample of pages within your niche and track who’s the most successful. Take a look at their most engaged with posts and see how you could apply these to your strategy.

Facebook Success Ads

6. Be smart with your promotions

If you have an advertising budget, Facebook is incredibly successful if you know how to target well and create high quality, engaging content.

Facebook can offer a great return on your advertising budget, if you use craft high quality content for a carefully targeted audience.

Use your insights to find out what types of content, like videos, photos, infographics and stories etc are the most engaged with and boost those posts. Boosting posts is a great way of starting their spread, but the organic reach will explode if people are actually engaging with your content. Organic reach = free promotion.

Follow up boosted posts with similar quality content to continue converting the new audience you’ve reached.

Facebook ad success relies heavily on strategic targeting. If you need support with your targeting, get in touch.

To summarise:

  • Focus on building an engaged audience
  • Find your most successful posts and tailor your content to them
  • Post less often but increase the value
  • Post as much video content as possible
  • Copy your competitors
  • Build connections and an audience with Facebook groups
  • Develop an effective targeting strategy to get the most from your ads

Need your Instagram questions answering? Check out our guide to beating the Instagram algorithm.

Makermet offer services in all of the above to help your brand get the most out of social media.

Get in touch to see how we can help you meet your goals.

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