Why you should be using Google Tag Manager

By Molly Waring-Moore on 23rd Feb

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful analytics tool that you should be using alongside Google Analytics - and we can help you get the most out of it.

Meet goals with Google Tag Manager

  • Increase leads - Evaluate the effectiveness of your landing page
  • Reduce bounce rate - Become clearer on the content that holds people’s attention
  • Increase value of sales - Find out the most profitable traffic source and the content that converted them
Gtm Vs Ga
Google Tag Manager Vs Google Analytics

Why do you need it?

It’s a completely separate tool to Google Analytics but can work alongside it to make sure you’re getting the most from your consumer data. The biggest advantage is how quick and cost-effective GTM is in helping you meet these goals.

  • No need to hire a developer - Spend more time and money on your campaign
  • It won’t affect site speed - Unlike traditional tags, GTM won’t slow down your site
  • More detailed analytics - More clarity on what you need to be doing to achieve your goals

How do we get you started?

If Makermet built your website using Craft, the great news is your site is already ready to start using Google Tag Manager today, with no development required!

INTERESTED? We can help you get started. Drop us an email.

If your website wasn’t built with Craft, we will need to do a small amount of dev work to get it set up. Once done, it’s ready to go. 


Gtm Tags Triggers Variables
Tags, Triggers and Variables

How does it work?

GTM uses these three key components:

  • Tags - Snippets of code added to every page intending to be tracked
  • Triggers - Define when and where tags are used
  • Variables - Receive or store information to be used by the tags and trigger

GTM requires these tags to be added to every page you wish to track and then you are free to set up as many triggers and variables as you need. 

As soon as you set up a new campaign or know that you need a specific piece of data to make a decision, you can set up a new tag and start collecting data in a matter of minutes.

Discuss your goals with us and we’ll track the data you need to make important decisions about your website.

We will provide you with a monthly report of your analytics so that you can continue to evaluate and develop your campaigns and website.

Let’s get started – give us a call.  

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