Impressive team work from NTU students : Sitting on the judging panel for The Assignment

By Alex Traska on 26th Jan

As a Nottingham Trent alumni, it's been an honour to support their FdA Media Creatives course, ten years after finishing studies there. We've been host to an NTU student on placement at Makermet and towards the end of last year we met some current students when we delivered an afternoon seminar on social media campaigns.

The spring term saw the students split into two teams of approximately fifteen to spend just three weeks tackling a branding, promotion and social media pitch for Nottingham's National Videogames Arcade (NVA), opening in March 2015.

Students were asked to produce and pitch a logo, printed promotional campaign concept, promotional video and social media strategy aimed at raising awareness of the NVA project and, ultimately, drive visitors through their doors. The Media Creatives course attracts students with an array of interests including photography, video and audio production, graphic design and animation, so it was up to each team to internally delegate roles and successfully project manage their work.

Delivery of each team's pitch to representatives from the NVA project and Makermet was the culmination of three weeks work. Also packed into the Paul Smith screen at Nottingham's Broadway Cinema were a crowd of peers, NTU course tutors and potential employers from companies offering placement opportunities to the students this year.


It was enormously encouraging to see both teams present their pitches with the confidence and attitude that might be expected of far more experienced creative professionals. Of particular merit was the presentation of "Team Mario's" social media strategy, where their team member Emily Deck spoke with such conviction and belief in their ideas that it was difficult not to be sold on their plans for QR codes, despite my pre-conceived opinions of them!

Students covered difficult and often over-looked factors such as Intellectual Property rights and responded well to sometimes tough questions from the judges (sorry!) and from the rest of the audience in attendance. Lengthy discussion between the judges and course tutor Deb Tuck followed, in order to select a winner from teams that had both exceeded our expectations. The gong finally went to Team Mario, who just swung it with their highly-professional logo identity and open-ended video campaign, which appealed to a suitably broad audience.

We were in unanimous agreement that one of the most difficult aspects of the project for students was managing and motivating such a large team. We discussed this with the students and were told of difficulties they'd encountered, but clearly handled brilliantly, as evidenced by delivery of their excellent, on-time pitches!

In addition to that which they have learned in producing the content of their pitches, I hope that they'll take away much from their experience of working in large teams and presenting to a not entirely un-intimidating audience. Well done Media Creatives students; Nottingham is lucky to have so many great potential talents heading towards employment in our local creative industries!

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