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By Alex Traska on 4th Dec

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to stay in touch with your customers. Following the rush towards Christmas, January practically guarantees slower sales but also presents the perfect opportunity to consider how you can keep up appearances with loyal customers.

Whether you’re looking for a team to handle your entire Email marketing operation, advice and support with your current Email newsletters or you’d like some help getting off on the right foot with Email marketing, we can help.

We will share what we know about audience behavior, social media, Email marketing technology, content development and design from our work managing Email campaigns for businesses with between 50 and 50,000 subscribers.

Makermet can help your business with...

  • Understanding your business needs and how these relate to the needs of your customers
  • Writing content that matters to your customers
  • Email marketing platform advice and setup for; Mailchimp, dotMailer, and more
  • Preparation of easily editable Email templates so that you can build future newsletter without the need to pay for ongoing support
  • Monitoring email campaign performance to see what content generates the best response
  • Developing your list of Email marketing subscribers

We’d love to learn more about your business

Get in touch by email at or call the studio on 0115 9587 950 to talk to the team about a bespoke and affordable package for your business.

Email campaigns for Front Magazine and a London cocktail bar

The myth and mirth of Email marketing

Since social media went bananas 10-years ago both customers and businesses switched to platforms like Facebook and Twitter to interact with one another. With a cooler, more exciting leader of online communication at the helm, Email marketing became synonymous with floods of spam, ugly emails and poor content.

Social media has changed though…it isn’t cool anymore, and you may find your customers are cynical about “socialising” with brands (which makes sense; when was the last time you took a Dyson to the movies? Or shared a romantic candlelit dinner with a pair of Nike trainers?).

Businesses that kept up successful Email marketing campaigns throughout this time found that they always gave the highest returns for investment in their production and circulation. So let’s explore some of the myths and misconceptions that have flourished around Email marketing…

1) Email marketing is SPAM

FALSE (if you’re careful). Loyal customers are already interested in your brand or product and are likely to buy from you again. If you give nothing back except bombarding them with more sales messages, your Email campaigns are unlikely to be popular and guarantee you’ll end up in the Spam bin!

Consider giving some value back to your fans by thinking of your Email marketing as a newsletter, rather than a sales brochure. Perhaps you’ve recently started stocking work by a new designer…so why not write a feature about their work? Maybe you’re attending a trade show and can share some inside-information about the latest trends?... It’s all great content.

Guarantee your Emails are not thought of as spam by talking to customers online the way you would when they’re visiting your restaurant or shop. Cool and interesting articles, with great photos on a beautiful Email template that works just as well on a laptop computer as an iPhone will really engage your customers.

2) Email marketing is EXPENSIVE

FALSE. Email marketing is famous for its high return on investment. Whether you are selling online or on the high-street, getting repeat sales from existing customers is easy…as long as you’re staying in touch. A little investment can go along way, what with so many Email marketing platforms (like Mailchimp) offering free or very cheap services to small businesses.

The problem for the inexperienced is that getting Email marketing right can be complicated, and mistakes will cost you money. To reduce the risk of costly mistakes, it makes sense to invest in having your Email campaign professionally designed, your Email service configured and your new templates prepared with carefully chosen content.

Once you’re on the right track, you can take over complete control of all of your future Emails. After your initial investment, you’ll be able to send awesome emails to up to 2,000 customers a total of 12,000 emails a month, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

3) Facebook is better than Email Marketing

FALSE. When social media exploded, people were quick to hail the imminent death of Email marketing. Perhaps once it was true that for some businesses, the best way to communicate with their customers was through their Facebook page with thousands of fans. But then Facebook changed and a harsh truth had to be accepted; your customer list on Facebook doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to Facebook.

Facebook made this all too clear when businesses found quite suddenly that the only way of reaching all their fans was to pay to guarantee posts went into the news feeds of their fans. Lots of people were quite right to be annoyed at having spent huge amounts of time and effort in building their audience, only to have it taken away from them and held to ransom!

Imagine if you had to pay to boost each and every article, sale or special event you mention…the costs would soon rack up, and even then it might get missed because everyone’s Facebook timeline changes daily. On the other hand, with Email marketing, get an interesting and free-to-send Email into the inbox of your customer, and it waits patiently for their attention.

So should you still bother with social media? ABSOLUTELY! But consider it as part of a solution to staying in touch with your customers, not the only answer. Facebook can help you grow your subscriber list and promote exclusive content in your Email campaigns. The more places customers come across your brand online, the more likely they are to come back through your door.

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